Words have a mysterious quality and the power to inspire and create wonder.

 But if words terrify you or muddle themselves mischievously on the page before you (or the screen in front of you) then that’s ok as I delight in words and I know how to make them work their little socks off for you.

I love words. And this is where I can be of service to you as I fully enjoy the puzzles that words bring with them. I understand how to make them sing and really connect with the people that you are dreaming of working with. When we are trying so hard to deliver for our customers with authenticity we often forget how to get our message across. I want to make sure that you get the valuable golden nuggets of your business over to your lovely clients through your copy.

I feel passionate about the power of online communities and can work with your business to find the right words and voice for you through your website, social media and blog writing.

My favourite part of what I do is finding the snippets of your business that your customers and clients can really warm to. Digging out those hidden gems and polishing them off to create stories that will truly resonate. Ever since studying for my degree in English I have adored stories, consuming each one, learning the character’s worlds and seeing them come alive. I am also a qualified proofreader so if you would just like a few tweaks here and there or a second trustworthy pair of eyes to read over your existing copy then you’ve come to the right place.

So what do I believe in?

Storytelling – The magic of a story told is the key to a brand that stays in the hearts and minds of your client. I believe in finding the strands of your business history and weaving them together to form your brand story reflecting your core values and beliefs.

Empowerment – I don’t believe in just providing you with the words for your website, I want to empower you to go on and keep sharing your brand story. Once we have completed our project together, I will give you the tools to continue to spread your message with your audience.

Authenticity – I am a big believer that your true and authentic story is the one to be shared. I don’t believe in embellishment, you’re good enough just as you are! Staying faithful to your beliefs will be key in truly connecting with your customer.

Community – This is where the ‘Kindred’ of Kindred Words comes in. The power of a thriving community that supports your business is one of the most valuable facets of your brand. It is also the most rewarding way of developing your business and allowing your audience to make genuine connections with your brand. Just a pinch of magic – Everybody needs a sprinkling of magic. What is a story if it does not incite the imagination and inspire your reader? Let’s uncover that sparkle in your business and make it shine through your brand story.  


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