How to write an authentic brand story

Carving out an authentic brand story is an absolute must if you want to grow a business that truly resonates your dream clients. Sharing the parts of your story that are most relevant to your business and your audience are what will keep them “clicking through” rather than clicking away. Building up assurances that they both “like” you and “trust” you and are willing to explore your products or services further. 

First thing’s first, you need to figure out who you are speaking to.

I’m sure you have heard this before, but if you don’t know who you are reaching out to, you won’t know what to say! Now think of your “dream client”. This is the person that you can offer the most value to. The person that you have the skills, passion and experience to authentically help the most. We’re thinking niche here. A wedding photographer’s dream client will be brides and grooms, but perhaps they are also more specialised than that and enjoy snapping vintage weddings in particular. They have the knowledge to emulate the dusky period photographs that these couples are looking for. This vintage wedding photographer, knowing their audience, can speak to that bride and groom through their brand story, finding a perfect pairing for their services!

What is the mission and purpose of your business?

Next you need to get clear on what your business is to your audience and why you do it. This can be broken down into your mission and your purpose so that you can expand the authenticity of your brand story.

Your mission: This is the dream you are making come true for your clients. Don’t forget that your brand story is as much about your clients (arguably more!) than it is about you! It is their hopes and desires that you are putting on the table. The mission of the florist styling flowers for a beautiful birthday party is to make their clients feel special on their birthday, choosing the blooms that they love the most so that the experience has the most meaning to them. 

Now let’s think about the purpose of that, here is where you come in….

Your purpose: This is your personal dream that you are making come true for yourself, it is also the why in your business model which is one of the foundations of your brand story. Why do you do what you do? Well that same florist creates sumptuous centrepieces because they feel passionate about making their clients feel amazing on their special occasion – be it a birthday, anniversary or wedding. They take joy and delight in seeing their client’s faces as they present their floral masterpieces. This part of your story is true, it is authentic and it is what your clients will be able to relate to within your brand story.

Time to add your sparkle (aka my favourite bit!)

Within the story of your business this is where you can get a little bit personal. Now I am not asking you to be an open book here, but giving away little snippets of your world makes you an interesting human being to others! What will people remember you by when they left your website? Don’t forget people dropping by your page want to work with you, they want to look at your copy and your visuals and relate to you. When they are on the hunt for that perfect wedding planner or florist or website designer they want to see that you will have a relatable relationship. Yes, they also want to see how professional you are but it will be your unique personality and brand story that they really remember. Especially when they have ten tabs open with other photographers in and they can’t remember the difference between you and the other nine. A tip for this is to take inspiration from what lead you to where you are today. Perhaps you once volunteered to create your best friend’s make-up look on her wedding day and you haven’t looked back since! 

And a bonus tip…

I like to add a little personal but not-related-to-the-business snippet sprinkled through a brand story most likely within your ‘About’ section or just following it. This is where you can talk about your beloved dog, husband or penchant for all things floral….etc, etc. You get the idea. It adds to your likability factor and once again makes you a human being that would like to get in conversation with another human being opposed to business-to-business chatter.

Your brand story is the cornerstone of your business, especially if you are marketing to an audience of creative people who love authentic conversation. Don’t forget, we all enjoy stories in life, so please feel inspired to share yours!

Now time for you to share! I want to know more about your brand story, feel free to email me at to learn more about my copywriting services.

Author: Johanna Charlton

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  • Great tips! I only have a very hazy idea of my own brand focus and really need to sit down soon with this post and go through each point.