Creative prompts for your Brand Story

When I first begin working with a client, I always start with my Brand Story Questionnaire. It can seem a daunting task at first, but I have found that the process of working through the questions really helps them to hone in on their brand, define their values and provides the opportunity to get to the heart of their brand story. Sometimes it can be hard to appreciate the trajectory of how you got to where you are today and these questions, as well as an outside perspective, can really help you to get to grips with your brand story.

To provoke thought around your own brand story and help you to connect with your community, I have shared a few creative prompts below.

Prompt no.1 – Think about the first moment that sparked your passion for your business.

Now this could be the first time that you held a camera in your hands when you were ten years old or the day you signed up to that calligraphy course. The key is to really think about what ignited that passion for you in your business. It may have taken some time to decide to turn your interest into a business but picking out a defining moment that you can share is something that your audience will respond and relate to.   

Prompt no. 2 – What values have you taken from your journey so far that you have instilled in your business?

This is an authentic way of sharing your brand values with your audience and bringing them to life. For example, if you’re a shop owner in a small town, perhaps community is a core value for your business and you cherish the support network and the connections you have made through where you live or work. In this way, values that have been shaped by your personal experience provide an authentic anchoring point for your audience.

Prompt no. 3 – How has your story so far had an impact on your approach in your business and what makes it different to other brands?

Think about how your journey has differed to others and how it has had a direct impact on the business you run today. For example, perhaps you previously worked as an artist but now your business is in floristry. However, your experience in painting now flows into your work as you create artistic and whimsical floral arrangements. The provenance and history of your own experience has just as much of a tale to tell as the direct experience you have had in your industry and creates a memorable point of difference for your customer.

Prompt no. 4 – Think about any personal stories or even adversity that you have faced whilst on your business journey that you can share.

As with the first prompt, a personal touch is a valuable storytelling tool as it is something that your community can engage and potentially empathise with. It also takes your audience on a journey and allows them to become immersed into the world of your brand.

I hope these prompts are a jumping off point to get you thinking about your brand story and encourage you to share it with your audience whether it be through your website copy or even your social media channels. Why not even take your answers to each of these questions and turn them into interesting talking points for a caption on Instagram or Twitter?

If you have any prompts or questions you like to ask yourself in your business to share your story, I would love to know about them in the comments below.

Author: Johanna Charlton

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