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Today is the winter solstice, marking the shortest day and the longest night. Often referred to as Yule, to many this is the true beginning of winter as some of the coldest days are still on their way. With many long nights still to come, I thought I would share my favourite December hashtags to inspire seasonal joy and festive cheer.


This has to be my favourite hashtag of December as it follows 24 creatives on Instagram, taking it in turns to host the opening of an advent door each day on their Instagram accounts. This one was started by Gila @leointhegarden and has included the likes of @bookishbronte, @xantheb, @allthatisshe and @me_and_orla. Go to @leointhegarden to see the full list and who will be opening the last few doors of the calendar.


Begun by online magazine, Nurture & Bloom, #NurtureDecember is a little hashtag brimming with creatives that you will want to follow. This is a successive hashtag so renews at the beginning of each month, simply replacing the old month with the new. A great one to look out for as we move through the calendar of 2019.


Now with over 17.5k tags, #GloomandGlow has really grown. With foundations in Sara Tasker’s (@me_and_orla) Gloom & Glow e-course, participants have a focus on cosy, lit homes and finding the magic of the season whilst the long nights draw in.


Led by stylist; Emma Harris @aquietstyle, #AQuietStyle_Festive has all of the delights of the season. From whimsical wreaths to merry little gingerbread cookies, you can pop over for a festive pick-me-up.


Another successive tag that you can enjoy month after month, #CherishandRelish_December will meet all of your seasonal needs. It is also a great place to find festive inspiration for any Christmas projects you might want to begin through the wintered evenings.


This has to be the most wonderful hashtag currently around as here you will find every kind of wreath you can imagine. Mostly homemade, it is truly lovely to see so many wreath creations. If you need an additional wreath fix, you can also visit #HolidayWreath and #WreathsofInstagram.

A few other wintry tags I have been enjoying are #SimpleChristmas and #ANaturalChristmasHome for keeping things clean and simple even through the Christmas-time décor. Other ones to take a look at for a bit of fun and play this winter are #12DaysofFaffing, #TheFruitsofWinter and #NotAllBahHumbug.

Do let me know your favourite winter hashtags and I will add them to the list!

Author: Johanna Charlton

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