Seasonal working in the midwinter months

As lone red rosehip berries clutch to their branches and soft rose skies line biting chill morns, it is clear that midwinter is now upon us. A time of cheer and joy, seasonal festivities bring with them crackling hearth fires, piles of soon-to-be read books and many a sickly-sweet hot chocolate with copious helpings of marshmallows.

However, having recently transitioned from fast-paced office life to the intensity of building my own business, I feel that my winter working routines will be a little different than in years previous. Like many this time of year, this drum roll leading up to Christmas feels busier than ever. Handling my first pieces of client work alongside my own content plan is an act of plate spinning and I applaud those that make it look simple. So, I have outlined a few of the ways in which I am planning to navigate the next few months.


For me, at this point to say ‘slow down’ is not so helpful. In my view, if articles have to be prepped, written and edited then there is little time for negotiation. However, something that Jen Carrington recently mentioned in her Instagram Stories was the concept of ease. Of course, anything that doesn’t need to happen before Christmas will be put to one side for safekeeping until the new year, but for anything that still requires attention ‘ease’ will be my word for the remaining working days in the run up to Christmas. The manner in which we go about our work and life, despite how busy we are, should still carry a sense of ease. Or at least this is what I will be aiming for. As Jen says ‘business isn’t always easy, but we can make it as easeful for ourselves as possible. And we don’t always have to be striving, and can instead enjoy the here and now and feel enough exactly as we are.’   

Peace & Joy

Once the bags have finally been packed into the car (note: rammed into the car) and we are on our way to my husband’s family hometown, I fully intend on finding my seasonal sense of peace and joy. Books will be tucked away in my suitcase and chocolate will of course be at the ready. But more than that, I want to set the intention of a calm Christmas this year. We will still be doing our usual house-hopping as we visit each side of the family, but we have also booked a little adventure to see us into 2019 with a UK trip by the Dorset coastline. This, I am hoping, will help us with our peaceful and joyful entrance into the new year.


I initially wanted to focus this part on planning but in reality we need to reflect before we can begin to plan anew. On our trip, I will also be taking the time to think on the year just gone. This was the year that my husband and I bought our first home and celebrated our first wedding anniversary. It is also the year that I turned 30 and took the leap to working for myself. In fact, until I had written that down, I hadn’t actually put all of these big life changes and milestones into perspective. We so often get caught up with what we are going to do next that we forget to look back. For a little help with this, Josephine Brooks has instigated a ‘Week of Reflection’, you can catch up on her Instagram here.

Do you have any seasonal working tips or reflections for the winter months? I would love to hear them.

Author: Johanna Charlton

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