Seasonal working as we cosy up to autumn

With the fall of crisp ochre and beaujolais red leaves comes the changing tide of seasons. As we have shifted from the heat of the ‘one hot summer’ of 2018 we are now in the depths of ripening butternut squash, spoonfuls of warming stews and a pervasive crunch underfoot, walking through confetti trails on brisk morning walks.

Arguably, our creative ventures are no different. As we begin the comforting retreat beneath mounds of blankets, light hygge candles and sip hot chocolates (in the interest of added warmth and saving on the heating bill, of course). We feel the need to adjust our habits and rituals, adapting to the changing season. I believe that your business is no exception and would do well to reflect the change in pace and seasonal rites of autumn.

Slow down

The first step is to take a deep breath and turn down the pace. I would advise this every season, but a flash in the pan summer of holidays, outings, trips to the beach, visiting families and the kids return to school can leave you overwhelmed. Autumn is a time to begin looking inwards, so begin to take the time to sit down and be mindful of where you’re at in your business right now.


Which leads me onto my next point; review. This is a great time of year to take a long hard look at your business and determine which bits are really working for you. As the trees let go of the leaves that they no longer need, so must we. Which, I agree, is a tricky thing to negotiate with yourself. When you have found something that has benefitted you for some time, it is extremely difficult to let go even if it is no longer serving you. But we must, so that in the spring new leaves can grow and we can reap new rewards.

Learn something new

We are such creatures of habit. Undoubtedly, many of us feel that pull at this time of year for a new notebook and stationary to signal a renewal at the start of term. Sort of like a reset button and a much needed work incentive after those now distant summer days. But how about learning a new skill for your business? A photography or styling course to improve those instagram photos? You could even get a little creative and set up your own curriculum of learning. Start a Youtube playlist and bookmark some blog posts to work through to gain new knowledge and expand your skillset.


How do you adjust your business in autumn? Do you naturally alter it according to the seasons or do you find you stick to the same schedule?

Author: Johanna Charlton

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